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Meeting Single Men: Where to find them

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Using a dating site can allow you to thoughtfully organize and weed-out men in your dating life. You can reasonably screen them before meeting in person, which saves time and energy. This is an excellent way to find single men that are like-mindedly looking for a serious relationship. The matching techniques ensure you will be paired with men who have similar goals, morals, and interests.

For people who are timidly entering the dating scene–whether they’re on the other side of a divorce, too shy to approach men in real life, or they live in an area with too few options–online dating can help boost confidence and give wallflowers the power to take dating into their own hands.

Explore what’s out there and be picky
If you’re not sure what you’re looking for, or you’re new to online dating, try sites that make the experience fun and enriching. And if it is important you find a man with the same culture or spiritual background as you, specific dating sites are available to connect you with men who share your beliefs and customs.

One feature unique to Match.com is their Match Events in which local subscribers get together and mingle during group activities such as wine tastings, trivia nights, mixers, etc. These events allow you to avoid the pressure of one-on-one dates when meeting a match for the first time, and create an enjoyable built-in experience you can both share. Visit Match.com »

As a member, forum conversations and chat room features allow you to discuss, lend advice, and seek advice about your shared Christian faith. This provides you with the opportunity to meet men through your own outreach and conversations in addition to the matches suggested by the site. Visit »

This site brings together people devoted to a Catholic faith and lifestyle.  As a subscribing member of CatholicMatch, you are offered spiritual guidance and counseling which helps you make thoughtful decisions about keeping your dating life and spirituality in tune. Visit Catholicmatch.com »

This site transcends your local dating community and connects you with Muslims all over the world, enabling you to expand and enrich your dating experience. Muslima.com offers the opportunity to connect with singles from USA, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East among other areas. This is a wonderful way to explore new places and even potentially find a community more comfortable to your lifestyle. Visit »

Where you least expect it
“The minute you stop looking, you’ll find someone.” This is a promise commonly thrown at single people–but this is not great advice. If starting a relationship is important to you, it’s important to always be aware of people who would make a potentially good partner. The key is to take the pressure off yourself, but to also avoid being lazy about your search. Start opening your eyes in places you least expect to find a man, embrace the spontaneity of meeting people, and you will find someone.

Your local haunts
You visit these places every day and you’re used to the familiar faces; but you may have blinders up to any new faces because you are more focused on kicking-back and exercising your uninhibited personality. Make sure this doesn’t make you lazy about reaching out to new people. In any place you feel comfortable being yourself, you are likely to attract someone, because this comfortability can exude confidence.

The grocery store
Peek at their cart– a single man probably won’t be buying tampons or baby formula. Next, use friendly “grocery store” conversation to break the ice with men you may encounter while shopping. Ask them if they know where to find something, or about their opinion of a product. Even friendly small talk while you’re waiting in the checkout line can make a big impression on a man. If anything, this will make your grocery shopping a little more exciting too.

The local bar
You may know your favorite bartender plenty well, now broaden your horizons and get to know the other regulars. Bars in metropolitan areas are usually teeming with single men who don’t have girlfriends or wives to go home to after work. Try asking if you can buy a drink for a guy that strikes your fancy. You will come across attractively confident by making the first move. If it’s a lively bar, people-watching can also make great ice-breaking conversation.

Your apartment building or neighborhood
If you’re single, it’s likely you’re living in an apartment building, dormitory, or a smaller house; which also makes it likely there are other singles living near you. Make the time to attend building meetings or neighborhood get-togethers to meet these other singles. If you aren’t provided with the opportunity in your neighborhood or community, make it happen yourself. Host parties in your apartment and invite the building, or throw a neighborhood barbeque. Be friendly and engaging to neighboring men you may be interested in when you run into each other in the elevator or at the mailbox– you never know what potential is there.

Where you feel uncomfortable
One major key to a successful dating life is saying “yes”, and putting yourself in new situations that may make you uncomfortable. It can be incredibly advantageous to break out of your norm and explore places and activities you normally pass-up.

Be the new person
Open yourself up and become vulnerable to- and interested in new things. These qualities are intriguing to men because they enjoy having a chance to help women and boast their own knowledge or experience. You could start a new hobby, take a class, join a club, or even just go to a place you wouldn’t normally go. There may be a reason you’re not finding the type of man you’re looking for in the circles you’ve been running: you won’t always fall for men who identically share your interests. Plus, if you keep yourself interested, you keep yourself interesting. The more things you try, the more experiences you’ll have, which makes you a more captivating person to get to know.

Push yourself
Engage in social activities on weeknights when you would normally just be sitting around watching television for five hours. Find excuses to get yourself out of the house, even when you’re not always feeling up for it. It’s important to have time to relax, but don’t fall into the trap of making it a daily habit, and then complain about not meeting any men. Going out doesn’t always have to be under the pretense that you will meet a man–just go to get yourself in the habit of staying open, available, and confident.

Where you do expect it

Think of the places where you’d like to spend more time, the type of places you would like to meet a man, and the type of places you would like to spend time with a potential partner. While you should always retain low expectations for some perfect man to just fall in your lap, visualizing your future– and making steps toward that future– can help you manifest what you’re looking for–or at least lead you in the right direction.

Sports bars or sporting events
While sports bars tend to be inundated with men, not all are single or interested in picking up women while they watch the game. So, if you’re going to a sports bar, make sure it’s because you are there to watch the game too. Rivalries, comradery and the excitement of sports provide excellent flirting opportunities, but be sure you’re adding to the experience, and not taking away from it. If you’re interested in learning more about a game or a team, be willing to actually learn and pay attention. Don’t ask a million questions or overplay your ignorance because this is distracting and unattractive. Keep your phone away, and take those selfies later. Constantly being on your phone can give the impression you’re not interested.

Concerts and shows
A concert is prime ground for an across-the-room gaze and flirtation with men. The lights are dim–and therefore flattering–and music that you both enjoy is playing, setting the mood for great connections to happen. Concerts also give you the opportunity to flirt with men through body language, avoiding the pressure of awkward small talk.

Dog parks
For most dog owners, their dog is nearly as important as a child. Your dog must love and accept the man in your life; and more importantly, the man must love and accept your dog. Men at dog parks are obviously dog people, so this eliminates potential issues with acceptance. These men are also usually open to conversation since they have made the decision to bring their dog to a socially charged environment. If you don’t have a dog, but you are looking for men who are dog-lovers, offer to take your friends dog. The dogs often force you to meet talk to other dog owners, facilitating conversation with men you may be interested in.


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Meeting Single Men: Where to find them


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