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The Best Paid Dating Sites

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Why paying for dating sites is better than a free subscription
If you are serious about getting into the dating game, it pays to pay for an online subscription. When you’re open to giving paid online dating sites a shot, look into these three recommended sites:

eHarmony is pro at keeping you engaged and involved in your online dating life. As a paying member, you receive new matches every morning, eliciting that kid on Christmas morning feeling--every morning. The intro questions are just as extensive as most paid dating sites, but the graphics and interactions are attractive and fun which make the experience quick and painless. Once you are a member, the site continues to be a fun, aesthetically pleasing site to use, without any distracting features. eHarmony.com has you rank your personality traits and descriptors instead of bubbling answers, which makes the process feel a little quicker. They even have the easy part last: describing your physical traits and basic information come at the end after you’ve strained your brain describing your spin on life, mental state, skills, hobbies, and stance on relationships. Visit Eharmony.com »

EliteSingles.com is marketed toward individuals seeking like-minded partners with an emphasis on education and experience. 90% of clientele are 30 or older, and 80% have at least a university degree. The site boasts one of the most comprehensive personality tests of online dating sites. It also utilizes an extensive verification process which removes inactive users or profiles appearing to be less serious or incomplete-- keeping you from wasting your time on ghosted profiles. EliteSingles also does all the work for you and selects your matches so you don't have to do the weeding-out yourself-- making your matching process much more satisfying and stress-free. Visit Elitesingles.com »

One feature unique to Match.com is their exclusive Match Events, which consist of happy hours, book clubs, outdoor adventures, etc. organized by Match.com users in your community. These events serve as opportunities for subscribers to meet in groups and avoid the pressure of one-on-one dates. Two people meeting for the first time can attend together in a low-pressure situation before committing to a date. Alternatively, couples that have begun dating via the site with no opportunity to interact with other couples or in groups can test their budding relationships in group settings. The site also allows you to stay extremely organized in the chaotic world of dating: it allows you to remove people you have viewed and deemed unacceptable so they will be omitted from your online dating radar. Visit Match.com »

They do the match so you don’t have to
The first thing you’ll notice when signing up for a paid online dating site are the seemingly one-million questions and steps you must complete to set up an account. The questions are designed to expose personality traits that are deeper than generic, one-word responses which tend to be less original and only scratch the surface of your personality. The system probes into your personal life for your secret hopes, fears and goals. But as intrusive and vulnerable as the process can make you feel, all this information isn’t taken to simply be splattered all over your profile like someone pasting copies of your diary all over the school hallways–it’s fed into a complex algorithm which analyzes it, and compares it to other responses to find people most compatible with you. Basically, it discovers the deep-down personalities of potential partners before you must, and ensures a match who shares certain ideals you may not have interpreted yourself by a first impression. The long profile setup also gives the user a chance to pause and think about who they are and what type of person they are looking for as they thoughtfully answer each question. Understanding yourself and what you want in a partner is an important beginning step for a successful relationship. This is a feature that tends to detract people looking for a quick fix after signing up, and is uncommon in free dating sites and apps. It weeds out the less serious clientele: lazier people who are less committed to finding love either won’t take the questions seriously, and will therefore have less success; or they will drop out of site completely, leaving only dedicated individuals with complete profiles.

If they’re willing to dish the money, they’re more serious about a honey
Let’s be honest, the free dating apps that have gained popularity in the last 5 years tend to be marketed toward people looking for less serious, short-lived relationships– perpetuating the hookup culture prevalent among young adults. These apps and sites are free, and therefore tend to attract the types that are less willing to put effort into relationships. I mean, if a person is willing to pay a subscription to find love, they’re more likely to take their relationships seriously and hey–they can probably afford their own rent too. Since both sides of the potential relationships are paying the subscription, both parties have automatically laid the groundwork for presenting themselves as individuals committed to finding love. In the case of gay or bisexual people seeking serious relationships who live in areas less accepting of their community, paid dating sites provide the opportunity to bring together potential partners in a way that is not only driven toward solely sexual relationships, as many of the free dating sites and apps tend to do.

No pressure
Paid dating sites avoid a lot of the unnecessary pressure unpaid dating sites and apps are known to thrive on. There is no limit on response time to messages, or on-the-spot decisions that must be made based on solely physical appearance and minimal personality description– not to mention the agony of using an unpaid dating app, accidentally swiping the wrong direction on a person of interest, and watching their picture disappear into the empty abyss of online dating heaven. There is less emphasis and pressure placed on physical appearance using paid online dating sites because the system allows the user to fill their profile with substantial and interesting information about their personalities which guides the gaze of potential matches to more than just the profile picture.

Try before you buy: You’ve got the power
Before you subscribe to most sites, you can set-up your profile completely and are granted access to some of its features in order to make sure the site is a good match for your everyday use. This is a great way to test the waters if you are still unsure about online dating without the pressure of committing to a payment right away. Paid dating sites give you a huge boost in setting yourself up for success in the dating community, but the work and effort required to materialize the success is all up to you. These sites give you the power and confidence to take control of your love life, to stop wasting your time, and to quit waiting around for people to just fall in your lap. The complex algorithms and personality tests help match you to compatible people with similar intentions, interests, morals, and character, but online dating success is also highly dependent the effort you decide to put into the process.

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