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CatholicMatch is an online dating site devoted to bringing together Catholic individuals like-minded in their faith, beliefs and commitment to find love and devotion. The site is among one of the largest communities of single Catholics, and is even recommended by prominent Catholic leaders. 

General information CatholicMatch.com

CatholicMatch has an extremely simple and quick sign up process, an affordable subscription, and a site that is easy to manage. This site has a unique focus on group communication as a tool for meeting potential partners as well as making friends in the Catholic community. There is also great emphasis on security and censorship to protect the faith and beliefs of its members.

Like most online dating sites, full access to its features are unlocked only by a paid subscription. However, the site does offer a substantial array of features as a free member as well.

Free membership

The main feature separating a free membership from a paid one on CatholicMatch is the ability to communicate. Although the free member is limited by this, they are still able to utilize the site in multiple ways and can use this access to decide whether a paid subscription is worth their money.

Profile Setup
The profile setup goes very quickly and is straight to the point. You can create a complete profile for no charge, and you can also view other profiles without limitations. However, in some cases, if you have yet to upload any photos, you may be restricted from seeing the entire photo selection of other members.

With CatholicMatch, you are provided suggested matches, but you also have the capability to search the member base on your own. The search tool allows you to create and save certain search preferences based on age, location, appearance, background, lifestyle, interests, and faith. If you save each search, you are guaranteed to receive an email if a new match fits into your saved criteria.

You also have the capability to search for specific individuals by name if you have a member of your community in mind.

There is also the option to search by photo. In this search, you are provided solely with the profile pictures of members, and you simply choose to click on the images that are most attractive to you.

After signing up, you are provided suggested new matches on your home page based on your answers to the questions asked during the signup process. However, to start receiving more apt matches from the site, you are required to complete a Match Portrait, which is a 100-question survey similar to a personality test. Your Match Portrait is then analyzed and compared with other members to find similarities that may make you compatible. Matters of faith and ideology are paramount when deciding which matches are best. This is the best way to most accurately uncover matches with similar personality and faith, but do not necessarily guarantee the chemistry required for a relationship.

Of course, as aforementioned, saving your searches can also be a successful way to be matched via email as well.

Temperament Quiz
Specifically evaluating your tendencies and habits, the Temperament Quiz is a self-counseling device that can be used to understand yourself more deeply and can help you determine how to use this understanding when interacting with others. This test also adds depth to your profile and can help you evaluate what type of individuals you’re looking to connect with.

Limited communication
As a free member, your options for communication are limited to your Personal Interview and Emotigrams.

Your Personal Interview is a tool that allows you to create a short multiple choice question test you can send to any member to answer. You can add your own personalized questions and answers, or if you’re feeling less creative you can choose from a list of preset options. This is a great way to get to know someone before messaging them, and they make excellent conversation starters. If you are a free member, this can help you test your matches before you commit to a paid subscription to message with them.

Emotigrams are fun little cartoons and characters that you can send to matches in order to get their attention or let them know you’re thinking of them. Emotigrams are unique to CatholicMatch and can be a fun way to express and introduce yourself if words are failing you–or you are a free member unable to communicate via personal message.

You are unable to send any personal text, however if you are sent any personal text it won’t become available for you to view until 10 days after receipt.

The CatholicMatch Institute Blog
The CatholicMatch Institute blog is also available with full access to free members. The blog provides resources and support to members and can help guide you through the process, while also assisting you in taking advantage of the site’s full potential.

CatholicMatch subscribers features

As a paying CatholicMatch subscriber, you have access to all the features provided to free members with the added access to unlimited communication with other members in a variety of ways.

Unlimited Communication
At last, you can communicate with all of those individuals you’ve browsed– and you have a few avenues to choose from.

You can, of course, go for the one-on-one private chatting where you’re able to instantly send and receive messages to any willing member. This is the most direct and successful form of communication you can use in connecting with a match. The message read indicator is available only to 6-month subscribers. However, there are also group forums and chatrooms where you may also be able to make connections.

The group chat rooms and community forums allow members to come together in an online presence and discuss matters of their faith, interests or hobbies, and insights into the whole online dating process. This can be a wonderful way to connect with people potentially outside your search criteria. The chat rooms are like the community forums, but they take a more fast-paced instant messaging approach. To be able to participate in the chat rooms you must have a profile photo uploaded for other members to be able to identify you.

Priority Customer Support
Strict guidelines and rules must be agreed to and followed to use many features offered by the site in order to maintain the values and modesty of its members. CatholicMatch customer service is quick to remove any content deemed inappropriate, or any profiles that they detect may be false to ensure the safety of their clientele. Customer service reps can be reached via email or through the community public forum, and they take priority in subscribing members’ concerns.

For the 6-month membership plan, a CatholicMatch Guarantee is offered. It states that you must have a complete profile with at least 5 profile pictures uploaded, you must communicate with at least one member per week, and you must comply with the program rules. If you are unable to make a lasting connection in those six months after following these rules, CatholicMatch will give you six more months of membership for free.

CatholicMatch Signup Process

Overall, the sign up for CatholicMatch is relatively quick and simple compared to other online dating sites. There is great emphasis on evaluating your Catholic faith and less emphasis on your personality. There is no personality test in the sign up, but you have the option to add it to your profile once it is set up. You also have the option to connect your CatholicMatch account with your Facebook account to make your experience more convenient.

The beginning of the signup has you answer questions regarding your faith, background, habits and appearance. You are asked to divulge your local Diocese, whether you have piercings or tattoos, what your diet is like, your exercise habits, political views, preferences about children, your tobacco/alcohol use, your education and employment, how often you attend mass, liturgical style preferences, how often you practice your faith, whether you’re a convert, and what ideals and teachings of the Catholic faith you agree with.

The next step is to add a face to all the information you’ve just provided. You have the option to upload pictures from Facebook or your computer. You must upload a significant number of photos to be able to view all the photos of your matches. Many of the CatholicMatch features also require you to have at least one picture uploaded.

My Own Words
This section asks you to complete a written introduction about yourself. You are prompted to detail your passions, experiences, influences, and leisurely interests. This is your only opportunity to add any of your own personal text to your profile, so it’s essential to be thoughtful and unique in your response.

Favorite Things
This is a list of things including activities, faith, foods, media, music, reading, sports, and travel for you to add your favorites to. It is a nicely organized approached to inputting and displaying your interests.

CatholicMatch Costs

There are three available membership plans. The longer the period of the plan, the less expensive rate, and more features available

A 1-month plan comes at a monthly rate of $29.95 and includes unlimited communication, forum and chatroom access, and priority customer service support.

A 3-month plan has a monthly rate of $19.95 and includes all the features of the 1-month plan with a discounted renewal price.

A 6-month plan is the best value with a monthly rate of $12.49 and it includes all the features of the 1- and 3-month plans with the added bonus of a message read indicator and the CatholicMatch Guarantee

Target Audience

A CatholicMatch membership allows only devout, practicing individuals of the Catholic faith who are looking for a serious and committed relationship with a partner who practices the same faith and moral values.


  • Quick and easy signup process
  • Free membership allows access to most features


  • No smartphone app
  • Not enough room to express your individual Catholic beliefs

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