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eHarmony is one of the first dating sites of its kind to introduce a scientific matching system into the mix of online dating. The site is successful and well known: it boasts an average of about 550 marriages between members daily. One prominent characteristic unique to eHarmony is their dedication to helping you succeed. In any feature that requires you take a leap of faith or leaves you at a loss for words–whether it be the signup process, or your first words in a message to a match–helpful prompts and supportive comments are ever-present.

General information eHarmony.com

While the site is free to sign up for and you can navigate around some of the features to get a feel for how to use it, maximum success isn’t possible without signing up for a paid membership. In all, the features are generally simple, minimal and easy to navigate to ensure success for all users.

Free membership

Before getting your credit card out, eHarmony allows you to create a profile in its entirety. The setup finishes with a prompt to immediately choose a membership brought up in a window with a slew of profile pictures of your first matches as temptation. However, the free membership benefits don’t end there, and if you read the fine print you can navigate out of the payment process and peruse the site. As a free member, you can view the profiles of your matches, and you are given daily matches to wade through. This is valuable access because you can see the types of matches eHarmony offers before deciding to pay for the site.

However, the buck stops here when it comes to free access because communication and essentially all other features are limited to paying members. While eHarmony does regularly offer free communication weekends (where free members can send and receive messages for a limited period of time), non-paying members are unable to act on any potential romantic endeavors with their matches at their leisure.

Paid membership

A paying member has three different options for subscription with increasing cost and value: The Basic Plan, the Total Connect plan, and the Premier plan.

The Basic Plan
At the lowest cost, the Basic plan also offers the least number of features.

At the basic level, you are essentially one step above a free membership. Obviously the most important feature unlocked is the ability to send and receive unlimited messages with matches at any time. The Basic plan only allows for email message communication. The site does not offer any other type of chat or instant messenger type of communication in addition to this.

With the free membership, you can browse your matches with only their profile picture and their physical description as an indicator as to what they look like. With the Basic Plan, you can view the photos of matches who are supplied to you daily, and you can also send request for photos to your matches if the ones they have supplied are not to your satisfaction.

Inside Information
Possibly one of the most satisfying features to the site: The Basic Plan grants you access into seeing who has viewed your profile, which can help give insight as to which matches have already found you intriguing. You can also see when your matches have last logged in, which can give you an idea as to how often they sign in, and therefore how committed they are to their soul mate search.

The Total Connect Plan

This intermediate plan includes all the features offered in the Basic Plan, and adds the invaluable element of increased security to the benefits of a paid subscription.

RelyID is a feature exclusive to eHarmony which validates your name, address and age so that your profile and identity are verified to your matches, which is signified to them by the presence of a RelyID badge displayed on your profile. This adds a credibility to your profile that no amount of written answers can provide.

The Secure Call feature allows you to communicate via phone conversation if you prefer this over online communication. The feature also allows you to carry out the phone conversations without divulging your actual phone number to the matches you communicate with (unless otherwise specified) to secure your phone lines.

More Personality
Perhaps one of the less necessary features, The Total Connect plan offers an extended personality profile which elaborates on the already extensive and comprehensive personality test given during the free signup. If making yourself stand out as extraordinarily unique is an important element of your dating strategy, however, this will be a useful feature for you.

The Premier Plan

As the title would suggest, the Premier Plan is the highest level subscription you can have as a paying member of eHarmony. The plan includes all the features of the Basic and Total Connect plans, with relatively minimal additions.

The main feature separating the Premier Plan from the others is the slight further ability to control your matching experience. As a Premier member, you can make calls to the Premier eHarmony team to personally make specific changes to your profile to further the chances of your success. Although, it’s unclear exactly what expanding options you can work with.

Additionally, you can put your account on a pause for up to three months, if–for some reason– you don’t want to use your account for a few months–maybe you’re testing out a possible long term relationship you’ve acquired on the site, but you’re not quite ready to fully cancel your account.

Taking the security efforts just a step further, eHarmony Secure Check allows you to request a review of up to three verifications of an individual’s information including name, age, and criminal background. If you are weary of meeting a match for the first time, or you have reason to be suspicious of certain matches, this feature is worth the extra money for a premium subscription.

eHarmony Signup Process

Possibly the most impressionable characteristic of eHarmony is the fun and attractive graphics and layout of the site that are aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. The graphics help keep the very long signup process interactive and interesting.

The process begins by having you put in some of the nittier grittier details about your life: your relationship status (like whether you’ve been married, and how many times) and how many children you have.

The next step is an extensive personality test which takes most the signup time. The test has the user use a 7-point scale to rate how certain characteristics, traits and beliefs fit into their personality. The test begins by having you rate keywords and general personality traits given a series of adjectives. Next, you’ll be given lists descriptors and are asked to choose which words your friends might use to describe you. You’ll then dive into your “spin on life” where you rate words that describe certain tendencies of your mental state, how skilled you are at certain hobbies and activities, your interests, and your stance on what is most important to you in relationships.

The written parts are the last part of the signup process which cause you to refocus and give thoughtful answers. The questions prompt you to describe yourself in your own words in further detail. If you are having difficulty coming up with unique or interesting answers, the site provides you with further prompting in the subtitles which can help you rethink the questions in a more specific way to help you answer in a way you’re satisfied with.

The signup finishes with the attention turned toward your partner preferences, and you are asked to rate the importance of certain traits in a mate. The topics include religion, smoking, drinking, race, education, income, age, distance, and children.

You then have the option to supply your phone number strictly to assist customer service agents and to make solving issues quicker should you need to call-in and ask for help on something.
Overall, the entire signup process is relatively long: it will take a total of at least an hour or more if you sit down and really focus on your responses. However, the site keeps the task enjoyable and is extremely helpful when/if you get stuck.

eHarmony Costs

Like most online dating subscriptions, it is more cost efficient to choose a longer membership plan. Obviously, the more advanced the plan, the more expensive the monthly rate. The membership will renew automatically on the same terms you signed up with until otherwise notified.

The Basic Plan
At a 1-month minimum membership plan, the monthly rate is $59.95. This is the most expensive monthly rate offers of all the membership plans, and is not recommended.

The 3-month Basic Plan membership is the cheapest 3-month plan available on eHarmony: you will pay $39.95 per month for a total payment of $119.85.

You may also choose the 6-month plan at a cheaper monthly rate of $29.95 which sums to be a total payment of $179.70.

The 12-month membership comes at a monthly rate of $19.95, and comes to a total of $239.40 per year.

The Total Connect Plan
This plan is the midway cost and best value of the three plan options..

A 3-month, 6-month and 12-month membership come at a monthly rate of $44.95, $33.95 and $23.95 respectively.

The Premier Plan
This membership is only offered as a 12-month plan and is the highest level of membership offered on eHarmony. The monthly rate is $41.95 for a total annual rate of $503.40.

eHarmony Matching

Search matches
You are only able to search the matches found for you by the site through this main method. This match search utilizes information provided by your personality test, and weeds out 99% of members who do not make the perfect match for you. This is the most effective way to find potential partners on the site.

What if
This is a feature that searches profiles that may match you well, but are just outside your dating profile preferences. In essence, they give you a hint as to whether you’re being too specific with your current partner settings.

Matches every morning
Each morning a new pile of matches are featured for you to look through to keep you engaged in your search.

Target audience
People of any age, ethnicity, and religious and political beliefs looking for a serious, long-term relationship that could eventually lead to marriage are encouraged to sign up for eHarmony. Individuals seeking a casual or non-committal relationship are discouraged.


  • The site is flooded with advice and motivation to help you all along the way
  • There are just a few features offered and they’re easy to navigate
  • All the matching is done for you


  • All the matching is done for you
  • Very long and exhausting signup process

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