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EliteSingles is unique among other online dating sites because it is specifically geared toward experienced and educated members seeking like-minded individuals. The features unlocked with a membership are simple and limited, keeping the online dating experience with EliteSingles easy to navigate and less overwhelming.

General information EliteSingles.com

There are 3 types of memberships to choose from if you wish to become a Premium–or paying–member. The premium memberships all come with the same features, just at different values. A free membership is also available, but it offers less accessible features.

EliteSingles offers a free membership which allows you to utilize the site substantially. While some features are restricted, the free membership is an excellent way to get your foot in the door with your online dating journey without emptying your wallet just yet. The main feature separating a free membership from premium memberships is the ability to fully communicate via messaging.

Profile setup
The process includes a personality test analyzing 29 personality traits, which are then used to help find the best matches for you.

View matches and their profiles
Once the signup process is complete and your profile is analyzed, EliteSingles immediately provides you with a few of your first matches, and you can also browse and search through a more expansive selection of your matches. If you find someone that peaks your interest, you can click to see their profile and discover more about them through the pictures they’ve posted, and the interests, hobbies, and values they’ve decided to highlight.

Post photos
If you feel a single profile picture won’t do your personality justice, EliteSingles allows you to post up to 24 pictures on your profile. This is a great way to show-off your multifaceted personality and lifestyle, and can also make great conversation starters with matches.

Send Smiles
An EliteSingles “Smile” is a nonverbal communication tool that allows you to flirtatiously nudge a match to let them know you’re interested. While the written word is probably a better way to communicate at first, Smiles can be a fun way to let a match know you’re thinking of them.

Send multiple choice questions
Another form of a more personalized approach to communication, is the ability to send a match five multiple choice questions, which you select from a list of options. Your match has the option to answer your five questions and in return, will send you five questions of their own for you to answer. This is an excellent way to break the ice with a match, and is also helpful if you have trouble coming up with your own topics of conversation.

Add to favorites
Say you come across a match that interests you, but you’re just not sure you’re ready to start a conversation with them: EliteSingles allows you to “favorite” these matches so they appear all in one place which you can come back to once you’ve gathered your thoughts. This is a valuable feature as a free member if you come across people you’d like to start communication with while browsing, but are unable to do so until you update to a Premium membership. This feature also helps you keep your online dating life organized and easier to navigate the matches you’ve decided are best for you.

See who’s viewed your profile
A feature typically limited to a paying member on most online dating sites, the ability to see who has viewed your profile is key to seeing who’s interested in you and can help you decide which matches to focus on based on this information.

Mobile app
The ability to access your online dating community via your phone is essential for anyone who maintains a busy lifestyle. The mobile app ensures that you will keep yourself conveniently involved in your online dating journey which is important for your success.

Have you met…
The “Have you met…” feature offers you a window into an extended list of matches called “Wildcard matches” that fall just outside your preferences. The difference with this feature, however, is that you must decide whether you’re interested in them on the spot in order to clear the way for new matches to be provided.

View your Personality Profile
After you’ve completed the personality test provided in the initial profile setup, your five dominant personality traits–or, the “Big Five” — are displayed and detailed for you to read through. This feature is unique to EliteSingles and can help you evaluate yourself and the type of partner you should be looking for in terms of what your personality profile says about you.

Premium Light
The Premium Light membership includes all the features of a free membership with the addition of unlimited communication, and a few other perks.

Unlimited communication
The key to a successful interaction with a match is communication. There is no other way to make progress in your online dating life without it. The Premium Light membership opens you up to this world and allows you unlimited communication via messages with any of your matches, and also includes a “read receipts” feature, which allows you to see if and when your matches have read your messages.

20 extra wildcard matches per day
If the Have You Met… feature is your preferential way for perusing matches, it will be advantageous for you to sign up for a Premium Light membership to be provided with 20 extra Wildcard matches every day. The more you have to choose from, the better success you may find.

Identity verification
As a verified id member, your matches will know the site has verified your identification and are more likely to be more comfortable in communicating with you. EliteSingles has you verify your identity by sending them a front and back copy of your identification card, which is then cross-checked with your information. Verified members are demarcated by an icon that signifies your name and age have been verified.

Premium Classic and Premium Comfort
The Premium Classic and Premium Comfort memberships both include the same quantity and quality of features provided with the Premium Light membership. The only difference between these two memberships and the Premium Light membership is cost and duration: Premium Light being the shortest and most expensive, Premium Classic as the intermediate, and Premium Comfort as the longest and least expensive.

Costs of EliteSingles

The Premium Light membership is the most expensive and shortest plan. It is a 3-month plan at a monthly rate of $34.95.

The Premium Classic membership is the favorite among members for its intermediate length of commitment and its reasonable price. It is a 6-month plan at a monthly rate of $24.95. However, this plan is typically on sale since it is a favorite. At the time of this signup, the offer was at a 20% off deal which brought the rate down to $19.95.

The Premium Comfort membership is the longest commitment with the least expensive price tag. It is a 12-month plan at a monthly rate of $17.95.

Signup Process of EliteSingles

The signup process immediately begins by introducing the personality test, which analyzes 29 personality traits later be used to successfully select the right matches for you. The site suggests it will take about 20 minutes to complete, but it could take longer depending on how carefully you decide to answer.

You are first asked to answer questions describing your physical and personal traits. For example, your attractiveness, race, weight/height, and your occupation, beliefs and ways of life. After answering each bulletin, you are then prompted to rate how important each of these specific traits are to you in a partner.

You continue by rating how well certain characteristics apply to your life. Then, you are asked to choose from a list of four adjectives to express how you believe your friends might describe you. And then it’s back to rating and describing your personality and lifestyle by probing into your typical emotional and mental states, your social ability, and your values in a relationship.

Intermittently, you are prompted to complete written portions which ask you questions general enough for you to uniquely express yourself, yet specific enough for you to have a direction in your answers. You address your stand out qualities, your deal breakers, what amuses you, and your expectations and desires for a relationship. While the personality test is substantial in translating your personality, these written prompts allow you to express your individuality.

For nearly every question asked about yourself, you are required to respond to questions detailing traits, habits, interests and beliefs you would prefer your partner to have; and furthermore, you are asked to rate how important it is that they have these characteristics.

In the end, the process takes around an hour to complete if the personality test is completed thoughtfully and your written word answers are substantial and robust. The progress bar at the top of the page helps keep the process less dooming, and the option to save and come back takes the pressure off of completing the entire profile setup in one sitting.

EliteSingles uses the information provided by your answers to the questions in the comprehensive personality test to do all the matching for you. You are supplied with all your matches and can peruse them as you please, but are unable to search the entire database of members. For people who enjoy taking their time to sort through their matches, who are easily overwhelmed, or who are annoyed by having to sort through a bunch of frogs to find their prince charming, this is an immensely attractive design. You can adjust your preferences and profile information at any time if the matches supplied are not to your satisfaction. The site guarantees 3-7 new matches daily.

Partner suggestions
This is the main way you will view your matches. You can view the profiles of your matches this way and have the option to favorite anyone that catches your eye. Along with a profile picture, these matches are displayed with their username, age, location, the time of their last login, and a demarcation letting you know if you have anything in common.

Have you met…
This feature, available to all members, allows you to look just outside your current match settings at individuals that may be suited to you. This feature helps mitigate the curiosity that may rise when searching only through matches picked based solely on your settings, and can lend insight as to whether these settings are too narrow. The Have you met… feature is supplied with Wildcard matches which you have the option to delete to make room for more, or to send five ice-breaker questions to get to know them better.

Target Audience

EliteSingles is reserved for those individuals who are experienced, educated, and serious about finding a committed relationship. The site boasts a clientele of which 90% are over the age of 30 and 80% have a university degree.


  • Access to many features using the free membership
  • You only must sort through pre-selected matches
  • There is more than one form of communication available


  • Limited ways to search for matches
  • Limited features relative to other sites

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