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Match.com affords the user to be picky without limiting themselves to specific options. The signup process is extremely quick, easy, and immediately rewarding; and the features are worth the signup and eventual subscription. Match.com has so many unique features, that they should have their own dictionary– and essentially, they do. Every term or feature is laid out in understandable language which you learn as you continue to use, which makes online dating a fun and rich experience.

General information Match.com

You have the option to choose a free membership, or a paid subscription. The signup process is free and you can get a taste of some features you are provided as a subscriber. The free membership is geared toward leading you to eventually subscribe: it is difficult to make connections and communicate with matches without it.

All member features

The following features are available free to all members after sign up. As a member, you can search for matches, and you will also appear in the search results of other users. However, communication is limited to mere flirtation: you are unable to send or receive messages to your matches. Instead, you can only send a Wink– which is a way of reaching out to someone or getting their attention to let them know you’re interested without a personalized message.

SingledOut matches
When the site comes across a profile that really stands out as a good match, it alerts you as a SingledOut match, which you can rate and choose to pursue if it is in fact is a good match. SingledOut matches are selected based on your preferences as well as your actions on the site (your ratings of daily matches and your searches). Because the SingledOut matches are so unique and specific to your preferences, they are rare and infrequent.

Match Search
Search for matches using a general search engine which allows you to do an advanced searched based on specific preferences of age, personality, and location. Initially, the search preferences set with your initial setup questions, but this search process allows you to play around with those preferences without changing your profile’s settings permanently.

Mutual Match search accesses all members’ information to find people whose settings mutually match each other’s to connect them.

Reverse Match search helps you find the types of people who are looking for a person that matches your description. Using this search can help you find people you may not have considered before, or help you realize your profile is missing information necessary to be matched with these types of people.

Daily Matches
Every morning, your daily matches are waiting for you to open like little gifts under the Christmas tree. Because these matches are more frequent and are not duplicated, they do not always match your every preference perfectly. However, you are prompted to give each of them a positive or negative rating, which helps the site decipher the types of matches to further supply to you. Participating in this daily activity keeps you in tune with your online dating life, and will also help refine your chances of finding better matches.

Match Events
Match Events is a feature unique to Match.com which allows you to meet other Match.com users in your area in social group settings like happy hours, outdoor adventures, mixers, etc. To participate, you must be a Match.com member and your profile must be approved by the site. This feature is not available in all cities, but if you are interested in organizing events, there is the opportunity to do so through the site. Match Events take the pressure off one-on-one dates and give members the opportunity to mingle in person if they are weary about meeting up with matches after only communicating through the site.

Subscriber features

All the features available to non-paying members are included in a paid subscription to the site as well. However, subscribers are afforded more opportunity and technology to connect with their matches.

Contact other singles
Without the subscription, you are not able to do any communicating with matches other than sending Winks, which won’t go a long way if you are trying to meet and connect with other singles. With the subscription, you can connect immediately with the instant messenger feature which you can utilize with any user you find interesting. The subscription also provides you with the option to send and receive emails with matches if you are interested in a slower-paced conversation style. This is, above all, the most rewarding feature of the paid subscription because it enables the dating process to commence.

Mobile capability
As a non-paying member, you are limited to general mobile access which basically only enables general searching. As a paid subscriber, the mobile site is much more interactive and allows you to send and receive messages (as the paid subscription allows in general). For best use, the actual site is recommended over strictly using the mobile site to maximize all features.

Stay organized
Keeping your online dating life in order is one of the most challenging facets of the process. It can become confusing and overwhelming to keep track of matches you’ve already checked out and cleared as good matches, or dismissed as bad matches. With a subscription, you can remove specified members from your view if they continue to appear in your search windows or daily matches and you have already decided you’re not interested.

Another caveat to online dating is the shroud of mystery that comes along with having to purely read signals from messages over a screen. One way Match.com maneuvers this is by providing its users the capability to see who has viewed their profile. In this way, the actions of the subscribers can do the talking if they are too shy to speak up. This can also provide insight for users to see how interested someone may be in them. On the downside, you have to think carefully before showing each of your friends the profile of that cute match you found multiple times if you’re not trying to come across desperate.

Sign-up Process

The process begins with an “about you”, where you are provided the opportunity to supply traits about yourself–from the physical to the emotional. The first section asks for your height, body type, eye and hair color; and then proceeds to delve deeper in the following sections which ask your current relationship status, number of kids, religious beliefs, and political views. Following these questions are more about your health, ethnicity and hobbies or interests.

Once you’ve completed your information, you then answer the same prompts over again–this time with regard toward what you’re looking for in a partner. You are given the liberty to essentially design your perfect mate: their physical and emotional traits are in your hands. You are also given the option to signal whether not possessing any of these traits would be a deal breaker for you in looking for a mate. To broaden your horizons, it is recommended to reserve the deal breaker checkboxes for crucial factors in a relationship, but you are always able to go back and change settings as you please.

One of the final steps is to fill out an “In your own words” section in which you can create a “Headline” for your profile to brief other users about yourself. You then have another section to elaborate more about yourself and what you’re looking for in your own words. It can be exhausting to have to fill this section out last after you’ve gone through the other steps, so if you find yourself to be lazy in the online dating sign-up process, it may be in your better interest to do this part last. At the same time, however, the introduction questions may help you form a better idea of details you may want to include and can therefore be more beneficial to complete prior to the written section if you have a difficult time expressing yourself.

Uploading your profile pictures is the last step and you can add up to 26 photos, so there is no pressure to choose a sole picture to represent your entire personality. The more you can show about yourself and express your interests, the more attractive your profile will be.

Overall, the entire sign-up process takes about a half hour if you have your answers generally thought through and you take the time to thoughtfully fill them out. Everything is simple and clear and answer suggestions for the written section questions are even provided in case you are stuck on something or you need a bit of prompting to open-up. Once the process is complete, you are provided with your first set of daily matches to sort through, which leaves you feeling rewarded instead of overwhelmed by beginning the dating journey.

Costs of Match.com

The price you pay for a subscription is going to vary depending on the time of year you decide to sign up. There is usually some sort of promotion going on which prevents you from paying full price, especially for your first round of payment. When the cost research was gathered for this sign-up, there were up to 75% off discounts on all the plans. The full price for one month is $49.32, and it is much less expensive and rewarding to choose one of the plans.

Basic plans
If you are looking for just an overall introduction to the site, and aren’t interested in maximizing the features offered by the site, the basic plan is a good subscription to begin with. At the normal rate (sans discounts), you can get 12 months for $22.65, 6 months for $23.99, or 3 months for $19.99.

Bundle plans
Bundle plans are slightly more expensive than the Basic plans, but they include special features that allow you to be found easier by potential matches and make communication clearer. As a bundled member, you can determine when emails have been read by recipients; you are guaranteed a spot in the first round of matches sent to new local users; and you have the capability to highlight your profile in order to make it more noticeable to other users as they peruse. In general, the more extended the plan you choose, the cheaper the subscription will be. You have the option between 12 months for $23.99, 6 months for $26.65, or 3 months for $31.99.

Match.com Target Audience

The goal of Match.com is to help singles find the kind of relationship they are looking for– not what the site thinks they should be looking for. In this sense, Match.com is ideal for users who are looking for a serious or committed relationship at any age, with an open mind and very little limitations on the type of person they would like to find. Match.com is just as popular with young adults as it is with middle-aged singles and even seniors.



  • The longer the membership subscription plan you choose, the less you pay.
  • Features keep your dating life engaging, not grueling
  • Simple and clear to navigate


  • Less prompted written parts required on profile
  • Must be a paying member to access communication features

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Experiences Match.com

Review by Edward
23 January 2017

great service

Match assisted me in finding my spouse, the website itself works really well but stimulates you to take a subscription on every possible occasion. Unsubscribed from the service now, but highly recommend it to singles looking for a serious relationship.

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Experiences80% recommended, 1 reviews
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Free sign-upyes
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